NYC Tours everyone should take… visitors & locals

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  1. Brownstone Brooklyn Walking Tour – Download a map from Brownstoner and take yourself on a tour, or sign up with Big Onion for a guided tour of brownstone Brooklyn.
  2. Wall Street Ghost Tour – sign up for the Ghost Tour
  3. Chinatown Tour – Get more information
  4. Central Park Tour – Check the schedule
  5. Food Tour – Nosh Walks and the Institute of Culinary Education offer culinary tours throughout the city.  As does
  6. Immigrant New York – Columbia University has DIY walking tours for different heritages; Ellis Island the Tenement Museum or Streetwise New York .
  7. The High Line tour – New York’s newest park was reclaimed from the abandoned elevated train tracks that ran along the West Side of Manhattan – Get more information


The high line at night.

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Welcome to my blog!

I have been contemplating doing a blog for a long time, but wasn’t sure of the topic. Since we dine out a lot and travel, and have many followers. So, since I am new to this platform… this will be a work in progress. I will also post some of my own photographs, since it also seems that I have a following there as well. I read a lot of interesting travel newsletters, as well as food and dining news, and wanted to share this with you. I decided I wanted to put all my content in one place, so we will see how this goes. I am not being paid by any of the news outlets that I am posting, but there is some really cools stuff out there, so I want to share.


This is a picture of New York City taken from the waters off Lower Manhattan. It is where I currently live and there is some amazing photography of Manhattan to be enjoyed.

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Welcome to my new blog!

I have thought about doing this for quite some time, but wasn’t sure which topic to pursue. So for now, this is a work in progress. I will take suggestions at some point, but decided since we have many dining followers on social media that I would pursue this online. We also enjoy traveling, and read a lot of travel newsletters. Many of these newsletters have some really cool stuff. So, rather than posting it on Facebook, I decided that I wanted to post all the travel information together so that it is easier to find. I may just post the newsletter articles for now, but I will comment. I am not being paid to post these newsletters, but there are a lot of really good reads out there and I want to share them with you. Since this is a travel forum, I will start with a photo I took of New York City from the waters of lower Manhattan. I will include some of my own photography, since I have many followers of my pictures.

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